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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Time To Give Hot Aiswarya Rai-Abhishek Bachchan A Break

wants to get to the heart of the debates currently raging in the entertainment world.

Each fortnight, tabloid! editor Sonali Raha will pass her views on a hot topic and invite readers to comment. A selection of your replies will be published in tabloid!

This time Sonali casts her eye over the media buzz surrounding the new Bollywood power couple.

Both media and public have been hounding them. Is it time we left Mr and Mrs Bachchan alone to begin a new life together?

First came the announcement of the engagement. Then, speculations about the wedding date. Once that was confirmed, the media, and not just in India, went into overdrive.

Every bit of news we could find about Aiswarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan we printed or telecast.

On the wedding day itself, April 20, all news channels on Indian television were focussed on Mumbai.

More specifically, on the many Bachchan houses where the main functions were. The cameras barely caught a glimpse of Ash-Abhi (though Abhi did do a very gracious namaste to his fans), but the crew were undeterred.

Then came the Tirupati temple visit — again media coverage.

A week after the actual wedding, pictures traversed the worldwide web. Taken obviously on a mobile phone, they showed the wedding ceremony and the temple visit.

Is it time for us to say "enough"? Let the couple be. Yes they're celebrities, yes they make great copy. But they are also newly-weds and have a right to privacy.

Then again, it is WE — the public and the media — who have made them the celebs they are. We gave them fame and now we demand our pound of flesh — news, juicy news and pictures.

That's what the public wants — so that's what we're giving them!

We asked readers if Ash-Abhi deserve to live in peace away from media spotlight. This is what you said.

Well, it's much beyond high time to let go of that couple. It is painful to have prominent Indian newspapers make them headline news. However, I think there is nothing to be surprised of here. It is in our blood as Indians to pry into other people's lives, whether they're celebrities or not.



I don't care about them. I live my own life! My advice for the public: Live your own life like a celebrity and enjoy it!!!



According to me, the nude Aiswarya Rai -Abhishek wedding is a managed marriage as distinct from an arranged marriage. We couldn't see anyone from Ash's family at the functions. I noticed from pictures in different websites that naked Aiswarya Rai looked nervous and uncomfortable at all the events. There was no smile on her face, like there is on a bride.

The events seemed to follow political protocol. After all this, I wish the couple good luck.

Mohammad Aslam Rahi


It is painful to see how the media crosses limits to catch a glimpse of celebrities. But why blame the media alone? The celebrities are also responsible for this.

When they start their careers they are very friendly with the media and are even happy to talk about their lifestyles.

Many media people today are not good at their jobs. They must collect news very carefully. Of course Aiswarya and Abhishek have a right to privacy and the media must stop focussing on their private lives.

They make a good couple and are very lucky to have got married when both are at the peak of their careers.

Tabassum Sadaf


Imagine you are walking in the park with your wife/girlfriend and all of sudden numerous photographers emerge out of nowhere and start taking snaps and asking absurd questions. How would you feel?

Everyone has a right to live his/her own life, even if they are celebrities, politicians or newsmakers.

If you can't take such intrusion yourself, you have no right to impose it on others.

Live and let others live!!

Mazhar Abid


Sure, Abhishek Bachchan is the son of Bollywood's biggest star. And Aiswarya Rai is the most beautiful woman in Bollywood. But you know what? At the end of the day they are two normal people wanting to lead a very happy married life!

They want to be left A-L-O-N-E! How would you like it if everywhere you went there was paparazzi following your every move?

Let them live! The public should understand and get into their shoes for once. They DO NOT want people pouncing on them all the time!

I'm sure they don't want this much attention. Who does?

Vimla Nadkarni


I hate Ash and Abhi as a couple. I don't know why Miss World agreed to marry such a geek — he is so ugly! I don't think their marriage will survive. Ash should have married Salman Khan.

Saba Firdaus


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